Accepting Abundance: Shifting from 5 of Cups to 10 of Cups Mentality

Hey everyone! I did a small event Saturday and had a situation where out of 10 raffle tickets I won 9 prizes! This had me thinking about abundance in my life, and how little things can be very exciting!

When my girls in training and I started doing readings the night before the event to see how it would go, we all kept getting the same exact answer. Different cards, but the same outcome.

The cards told all three of us that it would be a bit chaotic at first, then a lull, then a boom of abundance at the end of the evening.

When we all were standing at the prize table with our hands full and my name was still being called, it was both a rush of excitement, but also I had the feeling of embarrassment and shame or guilt that I had won everything and only one other person got a prize.

Now that it is Monday and I have had time to reflect it, I started asking myself things like "Why were you embarrassed," "Why do you feel you do not deserve to win?" and it made me realize that I had always been an others before myself person, and if I got something for myself, or is someone treated me well I would automatically feel bad that it was not for others. I had struggled so long with things like even accepting a complement because I felt I did not deserve it.

I came to a realization that I had been conditioned throughout life with the idea of humbleness but I had twisted it to the point where I felt I did not deserve anything because I was not good enough. If you are struggling with the idea of not feeling good enough for things or not deserving good things coming into your life the universe is listening and it will say, "ok well I guess they do not want it then," and you will be offered less. The complements that used to come in that were batted away will stop because the people that do it will feel they should not do it anymore. Your energy shifts to have things not coming into your life.

If you are telling yourself things like I can't, I don't deserve this good thing, I did not earn this good thing, ect then you are holding yourself back. If you were conditioned to feel this way or if you are conditioning yourself right now, try even just 3 days of telling yourself you DO deserve that complement, you SHOULD get that new shirt because you DO look good in it. Just this little practice has helped me. I am now a glass half full person, where I use to think the glass was just shattered on the ground and I had to walk on the glass. My life has shifted so much in such a positive way. I know that it is hard to change all the sudden from a pessimism to optimism but you can slowly turn your mind frame.

Things that looks like the what if, or the grass is always greener mentality can be shifted to seeing you do not need that green grass because you are actually on a beach with a drink in hand catching the sun shine. Try writing down in a journal the things that you wish for, and then take a step back and write down the positive things in your life that you may have even overlooked. You may find that there are some amazing things in your life you had not noticed before because you are chasing stars and not realizing there is a rainbow behind you. This will also help with that mental shift to accepting things more.

Okay, I have rambled on enough. This is just a thought process I had after the craziness I experienced and looking back at things. Let me know what your experiences are, what you are waiting for, what you noticed after you shifted to the yes and not maybe or I do not accept it. You will find things as simple as someone complementing your shoes will brighten up your day!

Remember that you deserve happiness! Have a beautiful day!

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