Analyzing 4 of Coins and predictions of the pandemic?

Some see the 4 of Coins as being prepared. Getting all your ducks in a row and setting yourself up to have a lack of wanting later. More often than not it is linked to other cards that show there may be a problem here.

Months leading up to the outbreak of COVID-19 in the USA I kept getting the 4 of coins in future sight reads. I would mention to people that it seemed they would be holding onto money and possessions during the month of March. It was almost always March.

In one of my clients readings about a job back in January I had mentioned to her that the person who was in charge of hiring was going to be delayed due to illness. I mentioned that it was not this person who was ill, but it was an illness that was linked to travel and his family. I told her that the job offer would be pushed back because of it and seen this man traveling and again illness, along with the 4 of coins again showing me that this is a time to hold onto money or to stock up on something. Little did I know that later people would be hoarding toilet paper and clearing out the stores of staple supplies and almost all paper products. She did get the email saying things would have to be pushed back to March.

This 4 of coins is about material abundance but also leans on worry that someone will try to take what you have or being very guarded. This mentality of protecting what you have can be good some times, but I tend to feel this card shows a hoarder mentality for a lot of people. This is also a card I see when it comes to trauma that manifests just as the mentality of a hoarder. This feeling of not having something or lacking in an area, so you gather what you can to surround yourself or build up emotional and some times physical walls. It is a very hard thing to break some times, and it is hard to see when the mentality goes from protecting yourself or the ones you love into turning into walling off from people who could be good for your life. This idea of having to stock pile to prepare for something to happen some times just fills you with more anxiety than the actual things going on. In this situation it is good to stay calm and alert and not anxious. I have done readings for people who later I found out were preppers, and this card came up. I find that this card is very much a mentality card and a materialism card. They go hand in hand here. Don't get me wrong, at one point when I was in College I was down for the prepper thing. I wanted to have a little home stead and grow my own food and build a tiny house, and if given the option I would in a heartbeat, but I started to see that my way of wanting to do things was more about living off the land than stocking up on things that may not last till I need them.

In another reading with a very lovely new client I mentioned I seen a road trip cross country and would not have to be canceled, but it would have to be pushed back. She confirmed that she was intending on doing a road trip but had second thoughts at the time. A week later the lock down happened suddenly.

I have had a few clients telling me that in their readings it was very suggestive of what started to happen a few months later around the world, but I did not want to give myself that much credit and kept brushing it off. However, since March I have been seeing August for everything, so I have been predicting that August will be when things will start to be able to go out safely and things will be mostly be on its way back to normal.

Thank you for readings my long winded Blogs. I hope everyone is staying safe and has all they need.

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