Big life update and personal predictions become a reality!

Hello everyone!

I know you must have noticed I had been MIA for a while. No we are not sick with the virus or anything, everyone is safe and healthy! In fact, we are more then healthy! We found out a few weeks ago we will not only be adding a bundle of joy into our lives, but there are TWO new additions coming!

That's right, I am expecting twins this year! Talk about that 10 of cups mentality guys! I know I am using a LOT of exclamation points but that is only because I am so so excited!

Close friends and family know that we have been trying for over a year to add to our family, this being my first child, but instead of one, we are being blessed with two. They are identical twins which do not run in families, but I actually have uncles on my father's side who are also identical twins so that is very interesting!

I am not trying to boast here by saying this, but my clients know my time lines and predictions tend to be pretty spot on. What only a few of them know is that I also do readings on myself from time to time, sort of as a guide to see where different paths will lead in my life to better understand time lines for myself and set goals and find out when the end result will happen. This is how I do my client readings, and I personally am no different.

I did a reading for myself in January asking when my dreams to have a child and to open a physical location would come true. In this reading I kept getting the same cards the few times I reworded the question to get a more clear answer.

The Empress, Ten of coins, Ten of Cups and Temperance.

The Empress is all about the waiting being necessary to get what you want. This card is often depicted as a woman who is pregnant. It is an incubation period and a time to wait while the plan comes into reality. I realize now it is an obvious sign, but when doing it I seen it as both the baby and the business will have to wait and it was not the right time.

Both the ten of cups and coins showed me that things will get to that goal, and not to worry about it so much. Abundance and goals being achieved! Then I had temperance also telling me to wait. This is also the card of Sagittarius, which my close friends know I have been saying for over a year that I will end up being the only one in my little family who is not a Sagittarius. This is important to remember.

So I realized that the cards were saying I have a long while to wait, and that is completely ok! But I wanted to make sure this was telling me what I thought. I then asked if my wishes would manifest in December. I got the 5 of coins which depicts a woman and child walking in the snow to a house. I read no further. I believed fully that the cards were confirming this for me.

Before I found out I was pregnant I had been having dreams that were very pronounced. I felt them so physically it was almost like they were really happening. But unlike the typical baby dreams women have right before finding out they were going to be a mother, mine had more than one baby every time. At first it would be a day care, or the baby room at a hospital with lots of new borns and a woman handing me two, some times even three babies! No matter what the story that night, it was either someone handing me multiple children, or I was trying to save or protect more than one child.

I was convinced, I was pregnant, but not only that, there were more than one!

I told my best friend and my cousin I thought I was pregnant and took a test. It had the faintest line ever but it was there. I had told them I felt it was twins, along with other people, who thought I was just over thinking or wishful thinking or reading to much into it. The estimated Due date? December 6th. They are estimated to be Sagittarius babies!

Fast forward to my 8 week ultrasound. I was letting the woman scan my belly and I pointed out a second little blob on the screen. "Is that another baby?" I asked, pointing it out before she seen it herself. "hold on, I can't tell yet," she said as she is trying to find it. She did not see it very well on the ultrasound over the belly, but those of you moms know the other way they do things, and sure enough she found baby B.

For those of you who are friends with me on facebook you were able to see the video of the ultrasound as the nurse shows the heartbeats and you can hear me exclaim "no one believed me!" as I laughed when she panned to baby B. There is also a clip of me showing my fiance the ultrasound photos and he reluctantly states "you were right". I think he was mainly in shock haha.

For new predictions, we will see what is to come, but I have a strong feeling, just like the original due date, and the fact that they were twins, that these babies will be girls and will arrive closer to Halloween than the estimated due date. I can not wait to meet them! I have been dreaming of them for so long already.

Thank you for reading my rambles, I will be updating more frequently and hope everyone is staying safe during this trying time.

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