Dealing With The "Too Much" : 10 of Wands

Hey they guys! With all the stress of every day life, retrograde, and now holiday season coming right around the corner things are no doubt a bit overwhelming and can make you anxious.

Everything can seem like they are rested on your shoulders and it just keeps adding up over time. You look at other people and think they have everything together but guess what, they don't either!

The Ten of Wands shows up when we are dealing with way to much and let us know it has come to the point of asking for help, and it is perfectly okay to do so.This card is letting you know that everyone has struggles, and they hide them just like you. You hold so much back and have to be the "tough guy" because who else will, right?

The Ten of Wands says that with everything else going on, we tend to focus on everything but ourselves and we neglect our mental, emotional, and yes even physical health. If we are overwhelmed we some times even go through a depression because at that point out body is screaming something is wrong.

If things become to stressful, take five. Run a bubble bath, light some candles, take a few deep breaths and try to relax. I know this seems easier said then done but self care is very important. Have you noticed you get this card a lot during readings? The people who tend to get this card are also normally very loving people who take time and energy from themselves to give to others. The only issue with this is we are not the cup that never empties, we are more like a little helpful cloud. After a while the rain stops, but if there is no water left for us to collect we can not help others by watering them. So take this moment to sort of recharge that battery, ask for help if you need it, because man we know we all do from time to time, and enjoy the little things.

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