Policy and FAQ

What platforms do I need for a Live reading?

For live phone readings all you need is a working phone number, However, I recommend Skype as it can record the session so you can re-listen later.

For the live chat you have a few different options: Skype, Facebook, or even just texting from your cell phone.

For live video I recommend Skype as it has the ability to record the video so you can watch it later, but we can also use Facebook as an option.

What if I am unhappy with my reading?

I take pride in giving readings that help you understand the situation as well as how to resolve issues and give insight into future events. That being said, I do not sugar coat the readings I give, and provide answers honestly. This may bring up things you may have a hard time accepting or give answers that you may not enjoy. Remember that the readings are just how the current path and events are and you can always change your future. Unfortunately, some people are not ready for the truth, and do not like the answers given. We can explore options on how to change the path to better the outcome if it is at all possible.

If you are still unhappy with the reading, be it style of reading, bad audio or video quality, or just some thing else, you are free to leave feedback via the review page.

What is the refund policy?

Because this is a service, I do not offer refunds after service has been provided. If something happens and I am unable to provide the reading for whatever reason on my end, I will offer to reschedule or issue a refund.

If for some reason you miss your reading schedule, please contact me via email to reschedule. Please keep in mind that other people may also be waiting for a reading so missed sessions will have to be scheduled around them.

Please note;

I cannot offer medical or financial advice. These topics are best discussed with medical or legal professionals.

I do not have the winning Lotto numbers, if I did I would be rich. lol.

These are judgement free and confidential readings. That being said, please remember to give real birthdays but feel free to change the names if it makes you feel better.